History - Hood River Hotel


The original Mt. Hood Hotel dates back to 1888, the year the town of Hood River founded. Strategically adjacent to the railroad depot, the hotel formed the social center of Hood River. It was where explorers and settlers alike conducted business, gathered together, ate, drank, and slept.

As word spread throughout the country of the town’s successful fruit industry and scenic beauty, the town began to boom. Finally in 1912, the Mt. Hood Hotel expanded with an Annex. This building is what’s now today’s Hood River Hotel.

In 1926, the main lobby was moved to the Annex. The new lobby opened on the same day as the dedication of the newly completed Mt. Hood Loop Highway, symbolizing the transition from a railroad dependent community to an automobile oriented town.

In the 1930’s the original hotel building was demolished, although the Annex remained in operation until the 1960s. It was restored and reopened in 1988-89. After several changes of ownership, we took the helm in 2017.

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